Friday, May 30, 2014

Gypsy, the Blonde Girl

Gypsy is the first horse that made me fall in love with horses.  I still have a special love for her because of that.  She has been the most time consuming horse for me to deal with since the four arrived, and even with all the work involved, I still adore her.  

Luckily, she gives me daily laughs to offset all the work involved.  She is truly a "blonde" in the classic sense.  The other day she went her own way, got separated from the herd (which happens all day long) and then starting yelling for them because she is spoiled and lazy and figures others should always do the work instead of her.  They all come running and she settles down immediately because she is "with her herd again".  

Never mind that there is an electric fence between them and there is no way for her to get close to them without going all the way around and through the back pasture and then through the yard.  She is with her herd, so life is good.  Ignorance truly is bliss sometimes!

Later that same day, after a half hour chat about respecting personal space boundaries, she wanted to come inside with me.  She was quite pouty that I said no.  Well, the white fluffy thing goes in there!  So why can't I?
A bit later I hear something thumping up against the house and poke my head out to see this:
Because if there is fun to be had, then Hanovi is going to get in on it.  He is such a good boy that all I had to do was say go on, Hanovi, and he ran off.  But the dear blonde one was still there a half hour later when I peeked out.
She is persistent! I'll give her that much!  Gotta love that Gypsy girl!  If she figures out how to get up the steps and open the door, I'm gonna need a new game plan!


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