Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weeks Three and Four in the House

I am beginning to feel like the Energizer Bunny in that I keep going and going and going.  I am hoping in the next few weeks, it begins to really look like there is progress and it is coming to an end.  I need to have all of the physical things done before the horses arrive because I don't see my body being up to handling both things well at the same time.  So what else has been checked off the list since I last blogged?  We (mostly Auburn and Nathan) got all of the staples pulled up and the floors are successfully sealed and painted!  That was a huge thing.

Beyond that, we have been making furniture and appliance runs almost every day.  We didn't have any furniture at all when we moved into the house so that meant furnishing the entire thing.  I am hoping to furnish and remodel the house for less than $5,000, so Craigslist has been our best friend with our purchases.  We had an RV sized washer and dryer so we needed to sell those and buy new.  I was thrilled when I sold the old and bought the new for even less than what we sold the old set for.  We also found a great price on a gently used dishwasher so we replaced that.

We managed to buy living room, dining room, bedroom and reading room furniture.  They were all incredibly cheap (read ugly) so I have been busy repurposing them.  We also made a Goodwill run for odds and ends that we needed, mostly storage items and I am trying to redo those more to my style.  So lots and lots of painting!  I have no idea of any of the paint colors because I am using whatever paint we find at Lowe's that we find for $5.00 a can on the clearance table.  So far it seems to be working through.
On top of all of that fun, we have been making trip after trip to carry things from the RV over to the house so we can clean that completely out.  We've had a few fun things like the kitchen counter top buckling up the first time we used the crock pot on it.  I ended up putting bricks on it and after about a week and a half it settled down enough that Nathan could gorilla glue it back in place.  Overall, things are going very smoothly though and we are really happy with what we've done to the house so far.

We are hoping to have the horses here this coming week and the kids are going to be here for Easter so I need to have a final push of productivity and then hopefully our lives settle into our new normal.


  1. Almost every piece of furniture in our home is from a yard sale. The savings is incredible! Love the lamp redo. Are you painting the dresser a new white?

    1. We have not purchased one new thing yet and it feels great to have saved so much money. Yes, the dresser got a fresh coat of white. I just have not gotten around to taking pictures of the 'after" yet.