Thursday, May 29, 2014

Atlas Joins Our Family

Nathan has wanted a big dog for a long time now.  He really liked German Shepherds, Labs or Dobermans.  Auburn tried to talk him into rescuing a Doberman from her work, but it just didn't feel like the right fit to him.  Then her work got a German Shepherd puppy in that needed rescued and he went to look at him.  He mostly went to humor her, all the while telling me that it wasn't a good time to take on another animal right now.  After meeting him, he wanted him.  I went to meet him the next day, not really interested one way or the other.  Auburn brought him out of the kennel and I was in love by the time they reached me.

Meet the newest member of our family: Atlas!
He is a really exceptional dog!  I have informed Ava that she will really have to step up her game now that he has arrived!  He is still a puppy but so well behaved and so calm and so smart.  He stinks, he sheds like mad and he is way too big for our house but we still are glad he is here!  He just fits our family.

We had this beautiful double rainbow when we got home with him, which I thought was a nice welcome:
I wish I could say that is ALL when it comes to animals, but we already know we have three more coming.  Then I hope that is ALL! 


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