Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Front Fencing is in the Works!

Nathan started the front fencing this past weekend and has worked every spare minute he has on it.  Since he is working alone so far, it is taking a long time.  What he has done so far, looks great though!

I am so touched by how hard he is working to make the horses space as great as we can.
He is also working on his horsemanship and helping me maintain consistency with the horses.  He is going great!
I think he is getting rather attached to the horses now that he can spend time with them too.  I have the fun job of clearing/scooping the pasture.  Which means I get to see really sweet moments like this:
You will have to excuse the lousy quality of my pictures.  My cell phone is about the only camera I have in my hands these days.  My other cameras are just not horse pasture friendly enough.  Some day I will get out just to get some nice pictures of them though!

1 comment:

  1. OMG - They look soooooo good.... Happy, Healthy & Loved.
    "Happy Mother's Day" Crystal......
    ALL your Beauties Love you for giving them a wonderful home and "life"
    Hanovi, Gypsy, Chevy & Savannah