Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our Horsecoming Day!

Today was the day I have been waiting for since the first time we decided to buy a house so I could foster the horses: our horsecoming day.  We were up at 5 am, and out working in their pasture as soon as it was light.

We worked until around 10 am and then headed over to the sanctuary.  Robin already had the trailer hooked onto the truck and in the loading zone.  We started with Hanovi and Gypsy, who both loaded beautifully.  Gypsy was more keyed up, but she went into the trailer fairly easily once she saw Hanovi in there.  We drove the short trip over to our place and let them out.  It did not take them long at all to take off and check out their new pasture.
They found the neighbor's horse, Peanut and ran the fence line with her for a bit.

I wish I had a picture of it, because Diane S from the sanctuary came with us to say her goodbyes to Gypsy.  She has been her sponsor and loves her dearly.  She graciously agreed to us sponsoring/fostering her and she is now sponsoring Nova who will love the extra grooming from Diane.

After we knew they were settled in ok, we headed back to the sanctuary to get Chevy and Savannah.  Chevy was a bit trickier to load, but overall he did well.  Savannah loaded like a champ.  She is such a smart girl and Robin is such a pro, they made it look easy!
And we were off for round two.  This time Barb and Bob from the sanctuary came along.  Barb gifted me with treats for the horses.  I love the people I volunteer with so much, so it made the day extra special to have them there to share the day with us.

When Robin/the trailer pulled into our driveway I got tears in my eyes.  When we got to the pasture, Hanovi and Gypsy were waiting at the gate.  We drove in and let Chevy and Savannah off of the trailer.
The Fierce Foursome, together for the first time:
I spent the rest of today hanging outside to watch the horses and smiling from ear to ear.  I'm tickled pink to have them here and can't wait to see what this leg of the journey brings for all of us.  
It is a really cool thing to us to be able to sit and watch them.  We don't have a TV yet, and I'm not sure we will ever get one when we can do this instead.  Ava is not quite as thrilled with the idea so far.
She has never paid attention to the neighbors' horses, so it was interesting to me how much it bothered her to have them in our yard.  Hopefully she will come around, because I really like looking out my back door and seeing this view:
This weekend my family is all coming for Easter, making this week even more fabulous!


  1. Wonderful!!! So happy for you all! Enjoy Easter with the family!
    We are in Iowa now and hope to make it to Brainerd, MN tomorrow. I miss my little ones! We stopped in OK to see my oldest daughter and family and it was sooo good!
    Blessed Easter to you all!

  2. I bet you do miss the little ones! How wonderful that you were able to see your oldest daughter and family. Safe travels and have a wonderful Easter!!!

  3. OMG - how exciting......All you hard preparation work was for today.;;;;;; the arrival of 4 of God's Beautiful Animals who CHOSE YOU to love them unconditionally..... The photo's and journaling say it all.............This weekend will be your kid's and your new kid's, just romping around in there new loving home....... Blessing's to you Both

  4. Just the smile on your face tells it all........You are beaming with delight and love for those beautiful creatures. How lucky they are! If this day is any indication - this leg of your journey will be truly unforgettable! So happy for you. Happy Easter to you and the family.