Sunday, June 1, 2014

Clearing the Back Pasture and a Sneak Peek

I have been working hours each day picking up horse waste and clearing the pastures.  I still have tons to do in the clearing area and the waste area is ongoing.  After a few long talks, Nathan and I decided my time/energy would be better spent on directly working with the horses so we decided to step up the pasture clearing so I can drag the pastures instead of always scooping them.

There were some trees in the back pasture that I just couldn't dig up with a shovel, so Nathan rented a stump grinder to take care of those.  It was really hot and tiring work!

He got all of the big stumps up in one day, and now I can drive the golf cart back there to clear the smaller ones by hand! 
I will try to get a picture this week of how nice it looks since he got the bigger trees out.  When we took the grinder back, we grabbed a couple of chairs for our front deck.
We now have a place every night to sit and watch this:
Today we were going to start cross fencing the front pasture, but Nathan worked on dragging the pasture instead so I got out the paint brush and started a new house project.  Here is a sneak peek:
This one is going to take a bit of time so I might not have a finished picture up for some time! 

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  1. Wow........had to go back to your Memorial Day post and catch up today. Poor Miss AVA, what must she be thinking? From Mom and Dad and the RV to all this space, four horses and now Mr. Atlas, who, by the way is very very handsome. What a great companion for Nathan. The place is looking fabulous, inside and out. Miss you guys so much.