Friday, May 9, 2014

Horses in My Yard!

We are settling in more and more, and so are the horses.  It is getting very hot here, so I head out to do pasture work around 7 am now.  I have plenty of help while I am out there.  Usually from Gypsy and Savannah.  Actually, I think Gypsy is looking for treats or back scratching.  Still, she keeps me company so I'm not complaining.

Even though I really didn't want to let the horses out in the front until we finished the fencing, due to a lack of rain and big appetites that became impossible this week.  We opened the gate and they just stood there until I drove them out.

They didn't know quite what to think when they first came out and saw there was a lot more space and a lot more grass.  They ran and ran across the pasture, kicking up their heels as they went.  Then they saw there was grass-lots of grass-and got busy on it right away.  Here they are hanging out near Peanut, our neighbor's horse.
I said from the get go, that I didn't want the horses in our "yard".  Other people who shall remain nameless laughed at me.  But really, I just didn't want them in the little bit of space we have claimed as our yard.  That lasted all of two and a half weeks.  They are in our yard.  While I am not enjoying the packages they are depositing in my yard, it is really neat having them so close to us.
Of course, some modifications had to be made.
But I was outside with them all week long and think it's rather nice now that I've adjusted.  Chevy thinks it's pretty cool that he can really hang out with me now.  I was reading a book during my lunch break and he decided we should still eat lunch together.
They are all being exposed to new things and doing well with them.
And now that Ava has figured out that the horses really do belong here, they are a constant source of entertainment for her.  She barks when she can't see them now.  
I think I will we will all miss them when they move to their pasture!


  1. The horses certainly do look "right at home". And I think Miss Ava really wants to be outside with them! So happy for you.

  2. Nate look's comfy with using the post hole digger, and I especially love the photo with the horses under the BIG tree and the one with the laundry on the cloths line.... It all looks sooooo peaceful....... The horses love you Crystal for ALL you do......just look into their eye's & see their soul.......they are saying "Thank You" xoxoxoxo

  3. Yes, Ava sure does want to be out with them. Thanks to both of you for reading and sharing in our journey with us!