Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Ponies are Here!

I am writing this well after the fact, because going from four horses to seven was a huge adjustment.  The ponies arrived on the 7th, and settled in very nicely.  From left to right: Sophie, Bella and Mia.

Sophie reminds me of Gypsy, she is very food driven and if you send her away she comes right back in a few seconds.  She is a sweet girl though.  Mia is still very scared of people, but she is more respectful than Sophie.  Bella is...well, Bella is Bella.  She is a hoot to put it mildly.  She plays all day long.  She pins her ears at the big horses all day long.  She flirts with the big boys next door moving her mouth in the way babies do to say "don't hurt me, I'm a baby".

She is not afraid of anything and is curious about everything.  She tried to climb in the cart the other day when I was scooping their pasture.  She loves to throw the ball and play catch with herself.
Robin brought a tub over for her that we filled with water so she could use it as a swimming pool.
Everything that happens during the day, she wants to check it out and see what is going on.

After having four strong willed horses to deal with, she has definitely brought a lightness to the place.  She is quite the handful in her own ways, but she is mostly full of joyful, curious fun right now.

On the house front, we managed to get these plantation shutters up in my room.  We found these at the Habitat for Humanity Restore and were tickled pink when they were a perfect fit!  I love them.  They give me privacy when I want it while allowing me to retain the light when I want it.
I apologize again for all the low quality pics, but I just don't seem to find the time or energy to grab the big camera right now.  Life is good here!


  1. Not surprised that you have 3 more new family members. What is that now? 7 Horses, 2 Dogs.................How is Nathan's new Dog adjusting? And Miss AVA? She must be going nuts. The pasture looks great. The house look great. You are definitely a happy lady! Can't wait to see you guys.

  2. Crystal, Crystal, Crystal.............As I read your updates, you can feel all "excitement" in your words........Life does change when you "foster".........and, the more the merrier ;-)
    At first I thought Gypsy was a hoot, but now.........well, BELLA is cuter then ever.... and she is going to keep everyone else on their "hooves"...... I smile with joy when I think of all your self sacrifice for all you both are doing..........Enjoy the "foster" ride, it's all worth their unconditional love they give back to you ;-) Stay Blessed Crystal & Nate, Stay Blessed xoxoxox