Friday, June 27, 2014

2nd Big Project Finished: Dining Room Table

The second big project I completed this week was our dining room set, which I painted and reupholstered the seats on the chairs. Before and after of our dining room table and space around it:

I spotted this dining room table right after we put an offer on our house.  I thought it would fit the space perfectly and I loved that it seated 8 people without being a long, rectangular shape.  It was still available on Craigslist by the time we moved into the house and the people selling it dropped the price tons for us, and included the huge lazy susan too.  I was thrilled except for the fact that it was pretty boring and the seats were dirty.  
Since Nathan was letting me pick the colors and designs I loved, I went with fun and colorful.
The paint for the chairs and table legs are paints I had on hand already and just so happened to match the material we picked out. I wanted a Key West cottage feeling to this room and think I managed to capture that feel pretty well.
The material we picked up for 75% off the original price because it was an end piece to a bolt.  The plastic I found on Amazon for the incredible price of $4.24 including shipping.  Yes, you read that right.  We still have lots left over for outdoor projects.
This was a very time consuming project.  It took me two solid weeks of painting coat after coat just to paint the chairs!  We think it was worth it though because it added so much color and brightness.  I love that we have enough room to have our kids over and we use it a lot to play games at too.  Now we are really looking forward to having the new floors in!  Until then, we are enjoying our bright and sunny space.


  1. OMG - The progress you have made with the house improvements & all the details are Beautiful - You have a "nack" to Create.....I'm jealous....LOL BUT - the Horses, the ponies, the land - ALL you both have done is Amazing..... It looks so peaceful, just the way God wants it so be.........BEAUTIFUL ;-)

  2. Thank you so much! We still miss the RVing lifestyle, but we are having fun doing this too.