Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sunrise With the Fab Four

Little by little we are settling in and finding our groove.  My groove mostly centers around the horses, of course.  Much of that is the work that goes along with the horses and clearing the yard so the grass is able to be used fully by them.  Some of this feels like having toddlers again because there is the daily care of feeding them and then cleaning up after them.  Meaning I spend hours and hours scooping poop.  Because it is hot here already, I have been trying to get up and outside earlier and earlier so I don't get as dehydrated and over heated.  This morning, Nathan woke me up before 6 am so I went ahead and got up and was outside by 6:10.  It was nice and cool and I got to watch the sunrise with the fab four.

 Chevy and Savannah played it cool and barely glanced at me.  Gypsy and Hanovi don't know how to play it cool and came to see me right away.
Good morning Gypsy girl!  How are you this morning?
I would be flattered, but she is mostly looking for treats.  She's a bit pushy!
Hanovi tries to get equal attention.  He is not so pushy, so he tries the subtle approach.
I know what he wants: friendly game with the carrot stick.  The nasty bite mark is compliments of Chevy.
Gypsy girl decides if no treats are around, then she doesn't need to be either.  Which is just fine with Hanovi, who loves one on one attention.
What a lovely way to start the day.  
Now if only I could get out here every day before 7 am!  

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  1. The Fab Four are truly fabulously beautiful. Easy to see why you enjoy them so much.