Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our Second Week in the House

Our second week was more of the same which was working on the kitchen and painting and wallpapering.  I am happy to report, it is 99.9% done at this point and we are quite happy with it.
For about $100, the kitchen looks like a whole new room.  Some before pictures:
Doesn't look too bad does it? And it wasn't horrible, it was just so dark and the space was small as it is.  The cabinets are the cheapest laminate that we've ever seen in a house, and they attracted grease something fierce apparently.  That added to the dingy feeling/look of the space.  The entire space just felt blah to me.  Now it feels bright and clean and I love being in there to cook.
By the way, it is so much easier to get good pictures of a tiny kitchen when there isn't a fridge in there.
In other news, we are still removing staples and painting the floor.
Nathan put up a clothesline for me.  Although I could and did hang my clothes out to dry while we were full timers, I could not do sheets so I am very much enjoying that!
Poor Ava is so depressed since we moved.  She can't quite figure out this new property lifestyle and goes crazy when the neighbors do anything in their yards.  I hope she settles in soon.
She does love being outside, and runs and runs when she is out there.  She isn't quite sure what to make of the horses on either side of us, but isn't scared of them either.  Speaking of horses, no, we don't have any yet.  We have some other things to wrap up before they come here.  I am just fine with that because I am 3 miles from them as it is, so I can see them quite easily now.  Off to soak in the big tub, which I am also enjoying very much here!


  1. WOW. That is really looking great! Even the floor in the kitchen looks real good! You look (and sound) like you are starting to settle in and fell at "home". As for Miss Ava - we really miss her, but she does look comfortable. Love the pattern on the new chair!. You know who to call when you need a break.