Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ponies Hanging Out With the Boys Next Door

The ponies are settling in really well.  They hang out in their herd all day long, with the exception of Bella who runs and jumps all around.  

It is sweet to see them getting more used to us, and even seeking us out when we enter their pasture.
It is also sweet to see how much they have warmed up to the boys next door.  They used to get very nervous when the boys hung over the fence.  Now they go and rub noses with them.
We are going to start working on halter training with them and when we get our round pen, we will really start having fun with them!

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  1. WOW..........Now it's my turn to catch up on all the action at the Showalter Ranch! Chevy truly does look like he's settled in and calling your place "home". I think he's very happy. And the ponies are just adorable. Can't wait to how you progress with the saddle training. Can not believe the beauty, not only of the horses ,but your home and surroundings. Your home and especially your new dining room creation looks so homey, beautiful and inviting. We need to come visit you guys when we get back to Florida! Miss you guys. And give Miss Ava a big hug for us!