Monday, July 28, 2014

Gypsy Trails Sign and Round Pen Completed!

We are still working hard here. In fact, we are getting pretty worn out and are thinking we may need to take a break soon before we burn out.  Our latest outside projects include fixing one of the fences that Savannah and Bellarina did some damage to, fixing a broken water pump and finishing the round pen! Today was my first day using it, and I loved being able to play with Hanovi in there.

When I came inside, I was exhausted from the heat but glowing from joy.  All our hard work has led to this point, where I can actually work with the horses and learn more.  It was awesome!  My friend Julie made a sign for us, and we hung that tonight too.
I think I will smile every time I see this sign! It turned out so well!
After all our work tonight, I asked Nathan if he'd help me scoop.  He hates scooping, but he agreed.  I was walking behind him when I saw how he decided to scoop.
He cracks me up.  If there is a physically easier way to do something, he will find it!  I love being out with the horses at night because it is the only time of the day where it is not unbearably hot.  And I get to watch the sunset, which is an added bonus.  I love how Gypsy is captured in the sunbeam here.  So peaceful!

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  1. Yes you are definitely working way too hard. You need a break! But things are looking great and I love the sign.