Monday, July 28, 2014

Adding Some Color to the Inside!

I painted all of the walls in the main area white so it would give a brighter, cleaner look inside.  I knew I would have to dress it up with lots of color though because otherwise it would feel too cold and sterile for me.  The first step was the dining room table and chairs.  Now I am at the place where I am adding decorative touches to the walls.  This is my first one in the main space:

I have found these online, but I wanted it to match the dining room chairs material so I opted to make my own.  Nathan helped me.  It was super easy.  In fact, it was probably the easiest thing I've done so far project wise.  I wanted something to hang pictures from and it works great for that!
The chicken wire was wire that the former owners had out in the chicken coop so not only is it authentic, it has some sentimental history to it.  

I participate in an event called Project Life.  Basically, you take a picture a day for the entire year.  I normally just use them for digital scrapbooking, but now I can print them and hang them too!
So fun! I also wanted color with our dishes, so I told Nathan I'd love to have Fiesta dishes.  I don't want to pay full price for them though, so I was hoping I would find some at the thrift stores.  I have been tickled pink that the last three times we visited, we did in fact find some pieces.  It will be fun to slowly build a collection as we do find them at a great price.  
With all of the not so fun projects we have had to do, it is nice to work on some that are a little easier and are helping to make the house feel like "our home"!

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