Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014 Weekend with the Family

It was an insanely busy week last week!  In fact, I am still recovering from it.  First the horses arrived and that same day my family started arriving for the holiday weekend.  Aric surprised me on Thursday night, and he wanted to go out and see the horses right away even though it was dark.  He seems to have the touch with the horses and seems to really enjoy them.  The next day Brittany and Austin came over and later that night everyone else arrived.

It worked out well to have the RV here because some of them used that to sleep in.  Between that and air mattresses, we had enough space for everyone.  The guys helped Nathan tear down some buildings we did not want, and that gave us lots of material for a great bonfire at night.  
During the day they flew kites and played volleyball.
We had tons of food to eat.  They did not eat much of it for some reason, which just means I don't have to cook for a few nights!  Noah had really grown since Christmas and I enjoyed hearing all he had learned since then.  He was such a doll and so smart and athletic!  He is the most precious thing and I loved every minute with him!
I realized a few things during the weekend.  I am really content being the age I am, and I'm so glad I chose the path I did in life.  So often I have wondered if I "missed out" on things in life due to having kids and getting married young.  
I see now that it not only didn't set us back any in meeting our life goals, but we most likely used that time more productively than we would have otherwise. I'm so grateful that because I enjoyed the path I did chose, I am now able to chose wisely for this chapter in my life too.  It isn't that I chose the "right" path.  I just chose a great one for me.  There is truly nothing I would have enjoyed more in life than being a Mom to my five beautiful, full of life kids and there is nothing in life I would enjoy more than being foster mom to the full of life four beautiful horses in our yard.

Easter 2014 was a very special one for us!  Looking forward to more in our new "family sized" space.


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