Monday, March 3, 2014

We OWN a House Again!

I suppose this is my first "official" post here, so I will start with the first step in our fostering horses process.  Monday, March 3rd, we bought a house.  After signing 150 pages of paperwork, we were handed the keys and headed out to drive our old house to our new house.  We left the realtor's office and I said, "We own a house!"  Then, "Crud.  We OWN a house'.  We are still adjusting to that part.

We got to TT and hooked up the RV and drove over to our new house.  It was really neat pulling it right next to our house.
Before we had even parked, one of our neighbors drove over to meet us.  It was so nice to welcomed to the neighborhood right away.

Once we got the RV somewhat level we tried to hook up to see what we had.  We knew we would not have water in the house, so we planned to stay in the RV until we could move into the house.  We plugged in the electric at the RV hookup and it didn't work.  So we had to plug into a regular outlet which meant we could run the fridge and that is about it.  Luckily it was mild enough weather we were just fine with that.

The important part was we were at our place where we could begin our horse journey.  I want to get the house ready and have it settled before the horses come, if at all possible.  We'll see if that happens or not.  Projects tend to be like kids, they always take more time and money than you plan.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it goes ok though.  I am so looking forward to moving into the having horses part ASAP!


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